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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stink Bugs, Bed Bugs, Silverfish... Oh my!

Just when you thought you heard everything about nasty bugs invading your home and luggage, instead of dealing with bed bugs, now we have to switch our attention to Stink Bugs.  Nasty creatures that leave behind a fragrance reminiscent of skunks in the wild.

New Jersey, Pensilvania and Maryland have been recently invaded by these nasty creatures.  Stink bugs are native to Asia but are finding their way to the USA and Canada through fresh food imports.

Stink Bugs look like large armored bugs, they feed on fresh fruits.  Bed Bugs on the other hand like to feed on people's blood while they sleep nad travel on people's clothes and lugagge while bed bugs simply fly and travel on plant leaves.

There are natural remedies for bed bugs that will make pesticides unnecessary if treated properly.

"There are many types of bed bugs and the type of pesticides used to getting rid of them is dependent on the type of species found in the household.  While most people will panic and call an exterminator, there are some natural remedies that are non-toxic and will eliminate current infestations while preventing new ones.  However, be aware that a severe infestation may be beyond any natural remedy and pesticides may be necessary to rid a home that has been infected beyond the capabilities of natural methods..." Read the rest of the article for free here.

Silverfish is another story but these creatures too are prone to find human household a delight for their feeding purposes.  They love glue, flour, cereal, grains, and your beloved books and bookshelves.

"Silverfish is a wingless insect that resembles a fish both in looks and movements. Silverfish is a blue color pest that will destroy books and fabrics in record time if given enough time to reproduce and have a free-reign around the home.

It is important to know what attracts Silverfish in order to prevent recurring infestations and systematically eliminate their presence from the home.

Silverfish is attracted to the glue found in books, natural fibers containing cotton, silk and some blends or artificial fibers.  Silverfish thrives in humid and warm areas.  The most common locations of infestation are basements, under sinks, attics, pantries, bookshelves and water heaters. ."  Read the rest of the article for free here.