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Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Today I overheard some ignorant people deriding our President for taking a vacation so early in his Presidency and stating that he should have stayed home and fix the economic crisis that he owns.

I wonder how many of people are still listening to unfounded "facts" and distorted views to make their minds or add validity to their prejudices.

Let's review the so called facts: The so-called "vacation" is a diplomatic trip to Europe to form alliances and restore faith in the United States from countries that have become extremely leery of us over the past 8 years. We could actually be equated with a juvenile delinquent that has been unrepentant for years, thumbing his nose at the law and respectable society.

This juvenile delinquent has rejoiced in a "shock and awe" doctrine and suffered no consequences, while leaving the adults to clean up the mess.

The juvenile delinquent has been sent home to Texas and his most notorious gang member, Dick Cheney, should stay in his dark, dank cave and stop surfacing with irrelevant distractions of fear of the unknown, while attempting to instill blame from past misconduct into the new administration.

So, in case someone was wandering.... Barrack Obama is WORKING!!!! and has been working since he started running for President. In the history of this country, we have never had a harder working President, or one that is so available and in touch with the majority of the people of this country.

I hope we can all appreciate how easy it is to loose touch when one is encased in a bubble of security and politics. Imagine how easy it is to never be in touch when someone has never been part of the group of people that makes their own beds, cooks their own meals and struggle with a paycheck on a monthly basis.

That was then.... this is now.

So, we agree... The President is working and making us look good for a change. We can only hope that Europeans will agree to work along side with us to fix this globally horrendous economy, because we can't do it alone. And that acknowledgement from Obama to the world shows us as mature, elegant and rational adults.

That alone, is a great departure from being the arrogant bully in the playground as promoted by the previous administration. Which brings me back to insist that Chaney be covered with layers of garlic and kept in his dark, dank cave until we can regain our balance. That is not asking too much, is it? :)

I have to add that I agree that Obama owns this economy. He did not create it, but he certainly applied for the position and inherited all that it entails, so in that sense, he does own it. However, it is my opinion that he also realizes that since he has been working tirelessly to stop the bleeding of jobs and promote the creation of new ones.


If you are someone who believes in the power of prayer, I hope you add this one to your ritual and request that our President succeeds in this endeavor, because as a Nation, we have stood alone for the past 8 years and are unable to extricate ourselves from the mess created by arrogant people who have no allegiance to our country and its people.

When Wall Street executives are outraged that people are questioning their "hard earned bonuses" and have the goal to claim that it is needed to retain the "talent" that got us into this mess in the first place.... well, folks, we need all the help we can get.


You are a patriot if you are still "hanging in there" and doing your best to keep afloat in this economy, while supporting your family so they don't go under.

You are a patriot if you have put your political views, ideology and ingrained views aside to give a new direction a chance to succeed for the benefit of all our citizens.

You are a patriot if you shut out the political heads and listen to your own voice after quietly looking at your neighbors and friends and acknowledging the reality of their struggles.

You are a patriot if you realize that much has been asked of you and you are still willing to give more.


You have sacrificed when you agreed to take a pay cut and a work day without salary so your co-workers can keep their jobs. You are also a Patriot.

You have sacrificed when you deny yourself something you needed, just so your kids or your spouse could have. You are also a Patriot.

You have sacrificed when you downgraded your standard of living by half and still keep hope that this is a temporary setback and you keep marching forward. You are also a Patriot.

You have sacrificed when
you have taken time out of your insane schedule and stepped away from certain depression and demanded loudly and clearly that your representatives do the job they were hired to do. You wrote letters, sent email, joined the appropriate organizations and made irate phone calls. YES! YOU ARE ALSO A PATRIOT.

And I thank you.

PEACE to you and yours.

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