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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stink Bugs, Bed Bugs, Silverfish... Oh my!

Just when you thought you heard everything about nasty bugs invading your home and luggage, instead of dealing with bed bugs, now we have to switch our attention to Stink Bugs.  Nasty creatures that leave behind a fragrance reminiscent of skunks in the wild.

New Jersey, Pensilvania and Maryland have been recently invaded by these nasty creatures.  Stink bugs are native to Asia but are finding their way to the USA and Canada through fresh food imports.

Stink Bugs look like large armored bugs, they feed on fresh fruits.  Bed Bugs on the other hand like to feed on people's blood while they sleep nad travel on people's clothes and lugagge while bed bugs simply fly and travel on plant leaves.

There are natural remedies for bed bugs that will make pesticides unnecessary if treated properly.

"There are many types of bed bugs and the type of pesticides used to getting rid of them is dependent on the type of species found in the household.  While most people will panic and call an exterminator, there are some natural remedies that are non-toxic and will eliminate current infestations while preventing new ones.  However, be aware that a severe infestation may be beyond any natural remedy and pesticides may be necessary to rid a home that has been infected beyond the capabilities of natural methods..." Read the rest of the article for free here.

Silverfish is another story but these creatures too are prone to find human household a delight for their feeding purposes.  They love glue, flour, cereal, grains, and your beloved books and bookshelves.

"Silverfish is a wingless insect that resembles a fish both in looks and movements. Silverfish is a blue color pest that will destroy books and fabrics in record time if given enough time to reproduce and have a free-reign around the home.

It is important to know what attracts Silverfish in order to prevent recurring infestations and systematically eliminate their presence from the home.

Silverfish is attracted to the glue found in books, natural fibers containing cotton, silk and some blends or artificial fibers.  Silverfish thrives in humid and warm areas.  The most common locations of infestation are basements, under sinks, attics, pantries, bookshelves and water heaters. ."  Read the rest of the article for free here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stewart and Colbert

Not to be outdone in the hilarity department,Stephen Colbert, the founder and king of The Colbert Nation announced his march "to keep fear alive" on Washington DC on 10.30.10.  This is the response to John Stewart's "Rally To Restore Sanity" on the same date.  Dueling events on the same day may make for a much needed comedic relief in a very stressed Nation. 

Both shows had kept the blogspere buzzing with excitement.  Tweeter has been abuzz with comments as the show was developing with the anticipation of the announcements. 

Some concerns were raised as to whether this comedy team will overshadow the earlier, and far more serious, event that is scheduled to take place on 10.02.10.  Ed Schultz, an outspoken champion for the working class will be holding this event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  The rally is aptly named "One Nation March", it is scheduled to start at 12:00pm and end around 4:00pm.
What is the purpose of the "One Nation" march? (click on title to be taken to the site)

"The march aims to bring working people, young people, retirees, civil rights activists and many others together on the Mall to show the obstructionists in Congress that we are many and diverse, strong and that united-and we will fight together for the American Dream.

Many of our unions are already committed to work as a part of ONE NATION. The unions of the AFL-CIO proudly join this coalition and pledge to work collectively to add our support to this great effort. "

Those who wish to add their voices to the serious efforts to bring this country together in order to save American jobs, restore unity and move forward in rebuilding our country should attend the ONE NATION march in DC if they are able. 

For comedy relief, a second trip to our Nation's Capitol at the end of October is highly recommended.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Schools Requiring Parental Approval For Their Children To Listen To Our President

The same ploy was tried last year and failed miserably. Namely because it was so far fetched that made rational thinkers feel sorry for those who were so obviously disconnected from reality. Unfortunately, this year we have lost our sense of humor and are truly concerned that the stranglehold vested interests and multi-national corporations has had on our government is chocking the living day lights of our humble citizens.

You know who they are, they are our parents and grandparents who have found a way out of their lonely existence by joining in with others in the repetitive chant of "taking back our government" and "keep the government out of my life".

Has anyone explained to these people that the only reason they get a social security check on a monthly basis is because the government is in charge? Have they ever stopped to think what would have happened if the push to privatize social security had congealed and the reigns passed to the thugs on Wall Street?

Do they think that Medicare just materialized out of thin air?

Are they so ignorant, clueless, filled with hatred and racism that they can't see that their tax burden has actually decreased since the last administration?

Indiana parents were horrified last year by the thought of OUR PRESIDENT indoctrinating our children into some liberal, Kenyan, Communist, Social, Nazi, and Martian agenda.

This year, parents in Indiana could careless but the school system (who is not in charge of pushing political agendas) is giving students the option to opt-out of civics (a subject that is no longer taught at schools and explains the current situation of lunacy and fear mongering in our country).

At what point are we going to turn off the stressful and hateful voices that permeate talk radio? At what point to we realize that Glenn Beck, Rush, O'Riley and the Palin clan are just in it for the money, publicity and personal agendas?

These people could careless if you have a job or not. These people are not interested in your life story or having a legitimate, productive plan of action that will allow you to keep your home and your jobs.

Why is it that those who need to be protected from con artists, special interests, and abuse are those who keep voting against their best interest?

These individuals speak as a group against a government because they are afraid that the multi-national corporations will loose money and power in our country. Do they like what British Petroleum has done to OUR country? Are they delusional enough to think that they must preserve these industries tax exempt status so when they get to that level they will reap the benefits?

Can someone please tell Joe Smoe that will continue to work at Wal-Mart until the day he dies and will never, ever reach that level of wealth?