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Monday, September 13, 2010

Schools Requiring Parental Approval For Their Children To Listen To Our President

The same ploy was tried last year and failed miserably. Namely because it was so far fetched that made rational thinkers feel sorry for those who were so obviously disconnected from reality. Unfortunately, this year we have lost our sense of humor and are truly concerned that the stranglehold vested interests and multi-national corporations has had on our government is chocking the living day lights of our humble citizens.

You know who they are, they are our parents and grandparents who have found a way out of their lonely existence by joining in with others in the repetitive chant of "taking back our government" and "keep the government out of my life".

Has anyone explained to these people that the only reason they get a social security check on a monthly basis is because the government is in charge? Have they ever stopped to think what would have happened if the push to privatize social security had congealed and the reigns passed to the thugs on Wall Street?

Do they think that Medicare just materialized out of thin air?

Are they so ignorant, clueless, filled with hatred and racism that they can't see that their tax burden has actually decreased since the last administration?

Indiana parents were horrified last year by the thought of OUR PRESIDENT indoctrinating our children into some liberal, Kenyan, Communist, Social, Nazi, and Martian agenda.

This year, parents in Indiana could careless but the school system (who is not in charge of pushing political agendas) is giving students the option to opt-out of civics (a subject that is no longer taught at schools and explains the current situation of lunacy and fear mongering in our country).

At what point are we going to turn off the stressful and hateful voices that permeate talk radio? At what point to we realize that Glenn Beck, Rush, O'Riley and the Palin clan are just in it for the money, publicity and personal agendas?

These people could careless if you have a job or not. These people are not interested in your life story or having a legitimate, productive plan of action that will allow you to keep your home and your jobs.

Why is it that those who need to be protected from con artists, special interests, and abuse are those who keep voting against their best interest?

These individuals speak as a group against a government because they are afraid that the multi-national corporations will loose money and power in our country. Do they like what British Petroleum has done to OUR country? Are they delusional enough to think that they must preserve these industries tax exempt status so when they get to that level they will reap the benefits?

Can someone please tell Joe Smoe that will continue to work at Wal-Mart until the day he dies and will never, ever reach that level of wealth?

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