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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Personal gifts for Valentine's Day or "just because"

There are times that we want to show someone that we love them and would like to present them with a "little something" that would mean a lot to them.  There are too many things to choose from, not enough money or we simple just don't have a clue what their reaction is going to be.

The stage you are in your relationship will largely determine the direction you are going to take and how much you are going to spend.  If you have been together for many years are able to finish each other's sentences or read each other's thoughts, then being predictable may not be the way to go.  Your partner may relish being surprised with something unexpected that is filled with meaning of your shared life together.

Perhaps you are new to a relationship that has the potential to last a life time and surprises about each other are being discovered on a regular basis.  Perhaps at this stage, it may not be a bad idea to present your loved one with something that is traditional and reminiscent of old-fashioned love.

In either case, the main purpose of gifting something to someone you love is to make it personal and be a reminder of your life together.  The list below are common items that can be made personal by adapting the gift to your loved ones taste:

1.  Jewelery. 

Lady's Travel Themed Chunky Charm Bracelet Gold Tone with Statute of Liberty, Telephone Booth, Camera & more Comes Gift Boxed (AB2052LF)Does he have a favorite watch? Does she favor a specific stone? A charm for a bracelet that marks shared and happy events?

2.  Books.

Is he a student of history? Politics? Arts? Does she have a photography hobby? Plays the piano? Loves reading mysteries? There are books on these subjects that are sure to be treasured for years to come.

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power (Hardcover)  

3.  Movies.

Old favorites have been remastered in blu-ray and they look awesome.  From romance, to action, to drama and mystery, there is an entire selection of old favorites and new releases that are sure to make for a cozy and intimate evening at home.

4.  Electronics.

It may not sound romantic but it can be very thoughtful to someone who loves new gadgets or replace outdated ones.  Blu-ray players and surround sound audio systems have come down in price greatly and are always appreciated.  How about a higher capacity mp3 player? or one with video to carry a few movies for out of town trips? Something as simple as quality earbuds to replace failing ones can delight someone who uses them daily.

5.  Candy and chocolate that is made in your community is a special treat that helps your community and can be a surprise that is both delicious and economically sound.

Whatever you decide to gift your loved one on special ocassions, it is sure to be received with appreciation when it incorporates their personality and taste.

How very thoughtful of you!

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