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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Help with info

No politics today, but need information if you have it.

I am new at High Definition TV (except for what I see at the retailers shops) and I am confused about the digital signal switch over that takes place in February.

I am wondering if subscribing to a High Definition package would be a waste of money. If the signal is digital, would not all programming come in High Definition in a HDTV (1080p)?

According to the person that answered the phone at Dish Network, she said there would be no difference in the picture quality and I thought it was odd since it behooves them to try to sell the "upgrade".

Should I wait?

Right now we only have analog tv with a subscription to Dish (basic stuff, so we can get reception)

Other searches on the net are saying that only some channels are in HD and a subscription in needed.

Thank you in advance and PEACE to all.

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