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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The new administration

Here are some of the recent appointments to make a smooth transition and of course, the constant complaining about choices made.

I would just love it if people started to "suck it up" and give someone that has been running for the highest office in land a brake! ~ This president elect needs to take a vacation and spend quality time with his family before the inauguration, because as the current president stated: "we want this new administration to hit the ground running" by promising a smooth transition.

Obama has been running a magnificent, worthy of emulation, grass root campaign. If nothing else makes it into the history books, this definitely is something worthy of admiration from an organizational and tactical point of view.

From we get the following information:

Robert Gibbs, a top aide to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on his campaign and in his Senate office, will be named the White House press secretary, a top Democratic official said. Gibbs was usually the senior official on Air Obama, the campaign plane. As communications director of Obama's Senate office, Gibbs was a key strategist in Obama's rapid move to the national stage.
Transition planning is still at an early stage and the job has not been formally offered or accepted, officials said....

Mr. Emmanuel is the new chief of staff and he is the new red meat for the so called "republican party"

The full report can be read in the CBS website , below is an excerpt:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., sponsor of the de-funding amendment, noted that five years ago Cheney claimed executive privilege in refusing to release details about his meetings with oil industry executives to discuss energy policy. "Now when we want to know what he's doing as it relates to America's national security in the lead-up to the war in Iraq and after the fact, the vice president has declared he is a member of the legislative branch." Therefore, Emanuel said, "we will no longer fund the executive branch of his office and he can live off the funding for the Senate presidency." The vice president presides as president of the Senate. Hoyer, asked if the amendment would pass, said, "I don't know about that." But he said "we shouldn't fund him in both branches. I think there's going to be consideration of an amendment and that will be discussed." Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., speaking Sunday on Fox News Sunday, said Cheney's move was "the height of arrogance." She said it might not be a bad idea that money for Cheney's office be held up until he decides whether or not he's in the executive branch. Cheney's spokesperson Lea Anne McBride said Emanuel's amendment was "pure politics."

Why did I say: "the so called Republican Party?".

Because it is not the party of most republicans. It needs to be renamed to the "Evangelical Party".

Many Republicans would agree that the Republican party was the party of self determination, little to government involvement in people's lives and had a fierce determination in protecting individuals rights and privacy.

This has not been the case in the past 8 years. The Republicans have seen something in this administration that to their core, they repudiate and made them blush in embarrassment. Not a single Democratic Administration could equal the excess of wanton greed, lack of accountability and complete disregard for the laws of the land that the current Bush Administration has exhibited.

It is unfortunate, because the new generation does not know the real republicans. They were the types that one could admire at many levels by their ability to succeed by their own efforts without trampling over the rights and hard work of others.

Some of us old-timers remember that party. This new generation knows the Republican party as the "wing nuts", "the religious freaks". They are viewed as fanatical radicals that are foaming at the mouth with anger and hatred not because a black man is the new president, but because this new president will set back all their hard work to take over our government.

When someone insist that Christianity be part of the equation in government, we have lost something we thought we had on pretty solid standing: Separation of Church and State.

This separation was done on purpose, to protect one from the other. So far, the protection to the religious right has not wavered from the government's point of view. There has been no intrusion and no taxation.

However, the Religious right has done their best to infiltrate their agendas into the political arena with the audacity that a civil servant MUST prove its Christian faith.

THERE should be no religious litmus test. We need our government officials to live 2 separate lives; one of public service to all and, one of personal private faith. One should not taint the other. This is the only way to serve ALL the people, not just the privileged few.

It is the height of arrogance to have these "talking heads" pass judgment on those seeking office based on their religious agendas. I ask you, who made these people an authority in these matters?

It is unbelievable to me that someone like Glen Beck, who is on television with his own show and on CNN could be so arrogant to make the statement that Conservatives (you know, the REAL ones) voted for McCain with the expectation that he would die in office and they would have Palin (someone who can be manipulated by the religious right) in his stead.

You can listen to it here.

And here is the transcript:

Today, radical right-wing blog Red State launched “Project Leper,” an attempt to professionally punish McCain staffers whom Red State’s Erick Erickson perceives to have wronged Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK). Erikson told Glenn Beck today, “Palin was the best thing that happened to” the McCain campaign. To which, Beck agreed, saying many conservatives told him they supported McCain in hopes he would die in office:

BECK: I mean, I have to tell you if I heard once, I heard 1,000 times from people, and I never said this, never said this on the air because you just don’t say these things, but I heard a million times from people, “I’m going to vote for John McCain and, you know, I mean, he’s old. Maybe we get Sarah Palin in the first term.” You know what I mean?


This is disgusting and the implications of the total disregard for our government and for people who are not like them is downright frightening.

I am delighted that this time around we said NO to these types of agendas. My guess is that after we allowed these people to run our government into the ground, we had ENOUGH!.

Let's face it, if you believe the "end of days" is coming soon and you'll be ascending into the heavens you don't care much how you rape and pillage this earth, since you are not vested in its wellness or the remainder of humanity. (We don't get a one way ticket, we get to stay here).


It is a movement to protect Sarah Palin as a viable candidate for 2012 and to eradicate any republican official from future office. Not because they are not good republicans but because they are not towing the new party line, the evangelical and radical agenda.

Make no mistake, Sarah Palin has proven herself to be the perfect candidate on two counts; the right to life and the right to bear arms. Period. That is all that is required to lead these people and this country.

No, you don't need to know anything about other countries because they don't matter, we like being isolationist (did you not know this?). We are Mavericks (we do as we please and don't bother with the possible consequences). We insist that those below us are more godly in their behaviour than God, but those above them are not subject to the same rules.

Family values are very strict and everyone who raises their children properly would make them proud of their new batch of "Christian Soldiers" (I repudiate this label with every inch of my intellect).

Jesus Christ was the ultimate social reformer and the kindness and love towards ALL people has never been equaled by any other figure in history. (maybe Ghandi or Mother Teresa, but no one has had as much grip on the human soul and social conciense).

In my opinion, the Religious Right is WRONG and does not speak for Christ or in his stead. HE would be appalled by what has been done in HIS name and the way these people live their lives in hypocrisy.

Remember Palin's daughter? It is okay for her to be pregnant out of wedlock (as well as Palin herself with their first child), but your daughter is nothing more than a whore and you are a lousy parent (should you find yourself in the same situation).

The difference between these types of people and those who are more broad minded is that we know that things do happen, things that are not planned for and that is just a fact of life. We roll with the punches and make the best out of difficult situations.

We don't pass judgment. It is what it is and we are okay with it.

When we do raise our voices to object is when they are calling other people names and while being smirky and derogatory towards others who are in those situations. Then we start comparing apples to apples and they get mad and start taking names, making a list and checking it twice.

This link will take you a short version and sources are highlighted in blue.

I feel sorry for Mrs. Palin. No one should be used and abused to serve other people's agendas and I find her to be very persuadable because of her deep convictions in her religious beliefs. Unfortunately, she is not well versed in the larger world environment that in this day and age, is a must to hold any political office.

Many bloggers on cyberspace are better informed than she seems to be.


Apparently our tax dollars is a major cornucopia and with Thanksgiving around the corner.... you would think they would get down on their knees and give thanks to... YOU, the taxpayer.

Instead, they are going to have a wonderful holiday season by using YOUR money to give themselves dividends, salary increases, golden parachutes and whatever tickles their fancy.

The credit to the banks has been eased to the point of being a joke, but to the consumer? no, not to the consumer, they have better and bigger things to do with YOUR money, like purchasing other banks who are in trouble and re-enacting the underwater drama of big fish eats little fish.

In this game, you and I are the plankton, so thus far, we have not entered the picture.

You can read all about it here and don't be shocked if your credit rating is fantabulous and you are having a hard time getting the bank to refinance your home, getting a home equity or car loan, or just getting a better rate on your credit card, because the banks have not extended these courtesy to their customers, just each other.


Did you think we were out of the woods? That Bush had packed his bags and was going to disappear quietly into the night?

We could only hope.

Unfortunately, there are a three months or so, left in this "free for all" administration and they have put on their roller skates and are racing towards a big finish.

What now?, you ask.....

Since we have screwed up the government and the Constitution, now we have to screw up the environment to the best of our abilities. The Bush Administration is rushing to relax environmental protections to benefit the power plants and the mining of uranium and coal near National parks.

If you are concerned about these further deregulation, you may want to read all about it in greater detail here.

PEACE to all

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