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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Take a good look at this car and then read the section on American Auto makers.

But first, let's talk about our economy and the BAILOUT:

Paulson is getting on my nerves, so I am sure he is getting on everyone else's.

No money to homeowners. The banks will get the money to buy out other banks and thus, create a monolopy.

No money for you.

The bailout $$ may not be enough for them.

No money for you.

The economy is in the tank and consumers can't consume because they have no money. Therefore, stores are closing, companies are laying off people and the unemployment rate is skyrocketting. The banks are not easing up the credit lines to consumers even though they are getting a truck load of "free money" and the feds are lending them $$$ at 1 percent.

But guess what? it is your money and somehow you are at fault. Perhaps it is your "whinning" ways, or the fact that you are not patient enough while you try to figure out how to feed your kin or keep that roof in your posession.

No money for you.

The liquid assets he said he was going to buy, he is not buying now.

Accountability? (surely you jest! these are professionals, they don't need no stinking accountability).

They are more like bank robbers, but it is all just a variety of words to gloss over the word FRAUD!!!!!

Paulson has already gone through more than half the money and he only has $60 Billion left. He has gone on a shopping spree of bank stocks and has financed their mergers. He has also made sure that all those CEOs got compensated in the style they have become accustumed, but you?

No money for you.

None of the bailout money has gone to the foreclosure market and the very real people that comprise our communities.

No money for you.

It is YOUR money, but hey! Screw you. You are nothing.

I am telling you folks, start raising holly hell again and call your representatives because this sucks worse than a really bad foreign film with subtitles that gets rave reviews by critics because they want to seem sophisticated.

The fact is that you know it is crap. You have seen the film, you understood the film and you know it is crap. But they are telling you it is all good and you know nothing, so therefore....


... And you know why? Because the airline industry has seen that we are passing out money and so is the auto industry and everyone wants some and you know what?

No money for you.

Read about it in greater detail in this
Forbes article (just click on Forbes) or if you prefer, you can read Amit R. Paley's article in today's Washington Post in which lack of oversight is stressed and how they claim the Administration and all these Republicans who balked at the idea of handing over all this money without oversight, are now claiming it is too late to find someone qualified.

Are they joking? If there was no one qualified, why on earth hand over billions?

(Because when you are committing FRAUD, robbing people blindly and robbing their faces in it, the last thing you want is someone competent taking inventory and making you accountable)


Major bunch of liars who have no integrity and are in bed with the oil industry. (my opinion and it is based in facts that will follow)

They will get bailed out, just not now. We are going to wait and drop this ton of horse manure on the next administration.

Ford has a beautiful little car that I'd love to own. It runs on Diesel and gives 60 miles (YES!!! 65 miles to the Gallon). It will only be sold in Europe. You can read about it in a
Huffington Post article.

That is the picture you first saw when you got here. Is that a lovely number, or what? It is called the ECOnetic.
Too bad, we can't have it.
Their big claim is that it is a Diesel car. Never mind that there is such a thing as clean diesel and it has been used in Europe for years. Never mind that Volgwagons are sold here (Diesel, you know?). Honda will be selling a Diesel Accord next year in the US.
As a matter of fact.... A few years ago..... GM made a car in China that was over 50 miles a gallon.
They know how to do it, they just don't. Regulations in Europe require that the car be built to minimize damage to a pedestrian in case of accident and thus, their cars are lighter because they have more fiberglass and lighter materials, therefore that contributes to their higher gas mileage.
In addition, of course, to the ENGINES that are different and made by AMERICAN Auto Makers and ... Did I mention that they KNOW HOW TO BUILD it and be competitive here?
I heard a gentleman on the radio this morning stating that it is the American public's fault because they are not buying AMERICAN cars.
I don't know how much blame and personal responsibility you are willing to absorb, but I am DONE. It is not my fault and I owe them nothing.
If you have 20K to put into a car, chances are you will look for safety and gas mileage. Putting up with low gas mileage and yourself in debt by purchasing a 40K American made vehicle does not make sense to you and your family.
By the way, both our cars are American cars, but that is besides the point. I have owned a Toyota before and I loved it. It was small and required very little maintenance. I run it into the ground and was very sad to let it go after I put in over 100K miles on it.
That was 20 yrs ago.
No American car lasted that long in those days, nor did it save gas like my little Toyota did. Brand new, out of the lot... less than 6K.
The bottom line is that every time the auto makers are requested to review the way they make cars, they have tons of excuses for not doing so. I bet you have heard several of them:
"We just don't have the technology" (Horse Pucks!... they are building them and selling them in Europe, and have been doing so for years)
"This type of Gas mileas improvement takes years of engine development..." (no, not really, it is already being done and driven in .... EUROPE!... Hellooooo!)
"No one is Silicon Valley or anywhere in California can build a car that runs on Electricity, we have been hearing this type of talk for years and it is not possible for an electronic company can compete with GM. Building a car is not easy and Detroit knows better".... (Well, not exactly... there is an actual electric car. As a matter of fact, there are several, just not massed produced)
Obama wants a car Czar to oversee the BAILOUT of auto industry and he has the expectation that they would have a plan and a real direction before this happens.
Now..... Let's pretend for a minute that this was required of Paulson BEFORE we handed him a nickle.... Would you say we would be in a better position financially now?
I am inclined to think so.
PEACE to all.

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