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Thursday, September 18, 2008

BAIL OUTS!!!! stand in line and get yours!... not!

Here we are today with news that the high officials of our country are not going to take their vacation now until they bail out all these criminals.

First off.... Are we supposed to be greatful for this?. I would think this is their Flippin' job! ~ My Goodness! at what time did it percolate into their collective conciences that this was the only possible way to go?

Second...... I am really sick of McCain.

Honestly, I had given this guy and that stupid Palin more than enough rope and chances to come clean and give us substance.

I got nothing.

Do you?

Because honestly, if I hear one more attack about "the other side" my head is going to explode.

McCain said that to deal with the current financial crisis he would create a commision and fire the head guy in goverment (the one whose name I can't remember right now because I am furious and rather write than look it up right now).

Point 1. A commission? Are you serious? These are the same people that sit in a think tank and have nothing else to do that billable hours. I still remember the commissions in charge of education that by the time they came up with a recommendation, their recommendations were out of date by 5 yrs and a truck load of kids had already been disserviced for that long.

Point 2. It will be hard to fire someone who's tenure ends with the current administration as he stated before McCain made his "Maverick" decision.

What else I am sick of today?

Obama's campaign.


Because in addition to responding to the lies of the "other side" he should SPECIFICALLY detail his financial agenda and job creation for our country. Okay, I know I am not being fair. He did say that the renewal energy policy was going to keep jobs in America, be homegrown and created and something we can easily sell to the rest of the world.

But, I can be fickle.... so I still want to hear SPECIFIC details about this financial fiasco and the fact that he is getting together with a financial panel tomorrow... well, I am sorry, it should have been done last week.

When the government wants your money, when the creditors want your money, when the school system wants your money... they want it now.

I don't think it is irrational for us to want our financial security taken care of NOW!

If another person says that they want to privatize social security, my head will explode!

If another person says they want to take goverment out of regulating major industries... my head will explode!

If another moron tells me that they want to do away with the Department of Education... my head will explode!

Here are 3 things that SHOULD be regulated and protected with barb wire and the National Guard... Heck! throw in the Marines.

I have never seen such a blatant attack on the middle class as I do now. Honestly, the hatred and disregard towards hard working people has never been more obvious and I remember that song that said "Don't bite the hand that feeds". How can they forget this?

It is on the backs of hard working people that these people's fortunes have risen and fallen.

I want to start using four letters words but I have enough respect for both you and me to do this to us.

Leave your thoughts. I am here daily.

PEACE to us all

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  1. Hi, I arrived here from De Factoids, now while I am not a political analyst, nor am I American, I did enjoy this post. It made me laugh in parts, especially as you are sick of both options. I have referred to the American political scene on my blog, in a less than reverent way (I do use four letter words and pull no punches) perhaps you would like to visit.

    I also attack others, not just the US, I have no favourites. Besides rants, my blog is personal and fun.



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