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Monday, September 22, 2008


Call your Congress people and your Senate people... Do NOT let them socialize the debt and privatize the profits!!!!!! Call the House.... here are the phone numbers:

To obtain the fax number and phone number of your Member, call the Congressional Switchboard. The Senate can be reached at (202) 224-3121 and the House at (202) 225-3121

If you are confused about what is going on, you are not the only one. They have created a CRISIS that must be responded to IMMEDIATELY. The crisis is not what we are told it is. They have not explained anything. We need facts. We deserve them.

The bill is 3 pages long and you can read it by clicking here. and it may take a while to load because they have been getting hammered by people wanting to read it and obviously, getting informed, so please be patient. It is worth the extra seconds just to see what they really want (at least it is in writing and they can't claim they did not say or did something).

It is the same thing as when they put that ONE guy in charge of distributing billions of dollars to the surviving family members in 9/11... it was at his discretion and based on what he thought those people were worth based on their gender, race and occupation. Up to this day millions upon millions are unnacounted for and since there was no oversight or regulation there is not a blessed thing you or I can do.

*Same thing with Katrina and the billions "lost" in Iraq*.... Folks, This is your MANDATORY TAX CONTRIBUTION being used as petty cash. Total disrespect for your hard work and no consideration for your benefit and welfare.

NO OVERSIGHT, NO REGULATIONS. This is Paulson speaking.

Furthermore, Paulson does not want the guys got us into this mess to leave without their golden parachutes. He does not want them to leave empty handed (Oh God! I feel sick to my stomach). You can read this article in about it.

Folks! that is how we got into this mess in the first place.

Now Georgie boy wants Paulson in charge. This guy, up until 2 years ago was the CEO for Goldman Sachs and now he is the Secretary of Treasury. This guy will be handling the $$$ without oversight or regulation to bail out the mess... okay, are you ready for this? HE MADE THIS MESS! He created these "financial instruments" that only HE can understand and put Goldman Sachs in debt. His nickname was Mr. Risk!!!

Georgie Boy is going to find Osama Bin Laden to add more to the distraction and get McCain elected. But first we all must pay in pints of blood and become homeless.

You may want to read this article about the Bush Legacy (Oh God! I am going to be sick)right here and see where YOUR MONEY is going. And folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

They don't want this bill to include NEGOTIATING the foreclosed properties with the EXISTING homeowners. There is NOTHING in this bill to fix this in a way that benefits your neighbors and your neiborhood.

CALL NOW!!! Let them know that YOU KNOW that the Federal Government does not insure Investment Banking and therefore (unlike regular banks and savings and loans) WE, THE PEOPLE are under NO obligation to bail out these naughty children that have wrecked the car and don't want it fixed, they want mom and dad (that's you and me) to buy them a new one. A better one, one without payments and they don't want to hear about the insurance either. That is your problem when something happens.

Google the following: Phone number for (insert your senator's name here) and it will take directly to his/her website.

Or go to MOVEON.ORG and sign up their petition. But do something and do it quickly.

I have called the Obama Senate office and expressed myself to the woman who said will pass on the message to Obama. I have called my Senator and left a lengthy voice mail.

In essence, I told him NOT to bail out Wall Street.

They know and so do you, that if there is a crisis, Wall Street will shut down for an hour if stocks fall below 20% and if they fall below 30% they shut down for a day.


The crisis in on their part and they will have to negotiate what they have borrowed from the other countries. Let them do that piece of work and show some good will on their part, but not expect you and me to bail them out while no one has bothered to bail out the homeowners they put in such dire straights through deception ruled by GREED.


"They" (the banking and credit card companies) passed a bill through Congress to make the consumer jump through hoops before they can claim bankrupcy. In essence you would have to be destitute before you can do this, with them getting the most of what you have or own and you leave with nothing.

It is to teach YOU a lesson about being fiscally responsible and not biting more than you can chew. (It is about protecting them, not you).

I say, it is time they take their lumps and deal with their own inneficiency and greed.

NO BAIL OUT. Period. Make them sweat and sweat appropriately. Heads need to roll without golden parachutes. Assets need to be seized. Offshore accounts need to be brought in and these people need to serve time in a Federal prison.

Your children and mine, their grandchildren and theirs will be paying for this for ever and a day. I say, they start paying first.

Is this the AMERICA we want to leave for them? Is this the AMERICA we want for us?

The man behind the curtain is Dick Chaney, and Newt Gringrich and McCain and Paulson and Rumsfeld and .... the list goes on....

Take a look, get mad, scream and start making those calls.

Have them bail out YOUR neighbors and YOUR neigborhoods and NOT A DIME to WallStreet.

Let's take care of Main Street First and Foremost.

Our time is now. Because later... It will be too late.

Go here and type in your info and a list of WHO IS REPRESENTING YOU will come up. I am serious, call now before we have to pay for the rape kit ourselves.

There is a section that allows you to say if you are for or against these bail out.

I just filled mine out and sent it.

If you rather go through the


  1. Another confused spousal caregiver who admires and respects your opinion.
    IMHO, this whole thing has gone too far for some entity with power NOT to step in and clonk some noggins. It won't be the ideal solution, and I don't usually advocate a "shoot first ask questions later approach". Economic indicators we haven't seen since the 1920's are rather potent reminders of the interventions that were necessary to get our financial system back on track after the 1929 crash.
    Regulation will always be needed in a free-market society to protect everyone from their own greed. Without placing blame, historically, de-regulation "experiments" have not been wildly successful for the masses.
    No, I don't like the idea of financial institutions getting away with any more of my money than they already have. No more than I like the government bailing out those who made poor financial decisions (after all, they were able to make those bad decisions because of those of us who didn't). But I will fight to keep a DEPRESSION from wiping out the assets I've worked hard to acquire, so that my Ill Spouse doesn't have to depend on an unknown entity to push his wheelchair in the soup-kitchen line and sleep in a tent while I'm shipped off to a job with the TVA.
    There are times when the wrong action is better than none. Perhaps when I can access more information that is less politically-inspired, I will re-evaluate my opinion. In today's world, that is exceptionally difficult.
    Thank you for pointing me in the direction of your blog!

  2. Thank you for leaving such a detailed opinion.

    The Republican and the Democrats in Congress this morning are balking at the lack of supervision and oversight.

    This is something that needs to be taken into consideration first and the rushing in is, in my opinion, a really bad idea.

    Also, I was listening to a woman on the radio that made a lot of sense and I'd like to run this by you too:

    She said: "During the depression, we bailed out financial institutions by investing in the communities first, there is nothing in this 3 page manifest that takes anything or anyone else into consideration".

    I completely agree with your point that all the information is politically inspired.

    The ones advocating for this, such as Paulson, have such a stake in the market that makes it impossible to see any of these people acting impartially.

    Paulson alone has 500 million invested in the stock market.

    I can't see bailing out the investment banks and bankers without any contribution on their part.

    The fact that they are unwilling to re-negotiate all those bad loans makes me very uncomfortable.

    My next door neighbor feels like you do, that these people who bought into these loans are just as responsible for their actions and they should have never been homeowners in the first place.

    But I can also see their point, they really wanted a house and it was made very easy for them because there were no regulations.

    I'd like to avoid a depression too. I want regulations and for the financial institutions to shoulder the blame. Not you, nor I. We did nothing wrong, we live within our means and do without.

    I hope they sort this out and leave us with our dignity.



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