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Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh... MG!!!!!

What has happened to my (our) country?

Where do we go to reclaim Common Sense? The lost and found? and if so, where?

The biggest opposer to Regulation (McCain) is trying to fault Obama for the economic collapse we just experienced.

The Republican President stated that "this was not the time to pass blame (jeez, I wonder why?) and to come together with a solution".


Because when things were going so very well, we were not in need of stinking solutions, right?

The Middle class was getting the shaft while the ELITE (read: Wealthier than God)were having their secret meetings and their deals and eating at 5 star restaurants, staying and catered to by your tax dollars... without a care in the world.

Now, the "I don't want Government involved in my business" is asking... no, DEMANDING that our government bail them out.

I don't know how many of you have children, but if you do, you know that you have tought them about actions and consequences, about right and wrong, about truth and honesty and being accountable for their actions. And that their word is their bond.

Now, go back and explain to them why those things only apply to them and not the so-called grown ups in charge.

I can't.

I live by those things I have taught and I can't find any way to explain this other than to use the following words:

Liars! Criminals! Oportunistic Bastards! Scam Artist! Scum of the Earth!

So... I guess I am still peeved about this since yesterday and after seeing how they (in Congress) are being forced to bail out these "kids" because the global ramifications are a disaster of unprecedented proportions, I am not feeling any better. The blackmail is in place and holding the economy hostage has worked like a charm.

When this is all over, let's see what else we get to deregulate.... what do you think is left that could be a major economic proportions that would affect you personally?

The things I hear today... seriously... watch this and read this.... the Palin/McCain administration.... Whaaaaat?????

and then there is this one here, which for the life of me, after laughing in disbelief, I tried incredibly hard to make sense of and decided that I had to stop before I lost what remains of my sanity and composure. You be the judge and please, if you can understand this, could you give me a clue?

As I type this, I am watching Larry King and this is why I am talking about Palin, because they just can't let this go. The massive need to convince us (women) of the unconvincible makes about as much sense as the second item I posted here for your listening pleasure.

At what point do we all come together and really focus on the fact that our beloved country is on life support (like your checkbook and mine) and we, all Americans (except the 2% on the top) are barely treading water?

Oh My G..!

Talk to me people!



  1. Ha ha! I agree! I was a little worried about Palin at first, but now she's starting to open her mouth. I'm not worried about her any more. I'm just hoping there are enough swing voters to create a tide that cannot be cheated against.

  2. Unreal video and tape. I hope you are right about there not being a way to cheat on this voting cycle because I got the article on voter caging and I need to verify that this is actually happening.

    I hope we have a fair election. We have not had one in a long time.



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