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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Media Factor

After blogging about some political thoughts earlier on, I had a few more about how most of us get our information and form our opinions.

How many of us have become political junkies? *raising my hand*.

Talk radio and newspapers are worthy of exploration as well and deserve their own sections, but for this article I will focus my thoughts on the major television networks.

In the past I used to get the "world" news from CNN and the local channels, such as CBS, NBC & ABC. I have watched the National "reporting" (sound bites, really) and would hop on the Internet until I got the full story that they never had time to report on fully because they only allow short segments without much depth.

Many others have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the Media, stating that Fox News is no news but part of the political machine that has been supporting Washington and doing its evil bidding on behalf of the big conglomerates that have succeeded in pillaging our country's resources.

They have made dispariging comments about all the other news channels as well, by no means does Fox News get to be singled out for reporting as news nothing more than tabloid trash. (Anyone remember the intense coverage of the *unnamed* celebreties that shaved their head, have been in and out of rehab, had a wardrobe malfunction, etc). Instead of reporting on the Washington powers and applying the pressure for answers and the truth.

CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC are nothing more that alphabet soup channels with interchangeable talking heads who offer their slanted opinions and are relishing the ratings they have never had before.

They have fed the fears, the speculation, the gossip and everything they could think of .... except the facts and the full truth. They have fawned over all the candidates the way a teen fawns over their favorite celebrity and have not asked the questions that deserve to be answered, let alone come up with a follow through set of questions.....

.... Until now.

The McCain Campaign took offense to CNN reporter Campbell Brown pinning down campaign spokesman, Tucker Bounds on a question and simply requesting a straight answer. Shortly after that McCain cancelled a scheduled interview with CNN and a statement was issued that Palin would not answer any reporter's questions.

This would not have been interesting if it wasn't because Ms. Brown is married to Fox Newsman Dan Senor, a hard core Republican who has had great insight into the GOP and its members.

It shows integrity on her part to actually do what a professional journalist should do. The kind of stuff that investigating reporters used to do when newspapers were worth reading and the nightly news worth watching. Long before everything became a big conglomerate owned by people with their own agendas (either party can be inserted here).

It was refreshing to see the media for the past two days pick up where Ms. Brown left off, they are no longer reporting the sound bites, they are questioning them. It is as though they needed to be told that they have been less than stellar over the past few years to react with some sort of backbone.

They may be coming to the realization that not only their audience will continue to increase, but the public's perception may change from cynicism to respect. Something no one has expressed in a very long time.

I dare to hope that a new batch of journalists may emerge and hopefully they will have a forum that is free of special insterest.

I just don't know how anyone would go about re-instating a free press.

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and opinions.

  2. It's a ratings game. Always has been and always will be in a capitalist society. News channels will televise that which garners ratings, and the battle for 'the scoop' will remain a bloody one. The better the ratings, the more dollars. Celebrities know this, politicians know this. There are many who use the media to forward their agenda...blatantly. This has not changed with the advent of 24/7 news channels. There are simply more talking heads spouting slanted opinions.
    It simply makes digging for the truth more difficult for those of us who care to do so. But the truth is difficult to reveal in many open societies...
    We live in amazing times. Who knew it would be possible to go from having one source for news to several easily available sources within the span of a generation?


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