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Friday, September 12, 2008

The View and J. McCain

I just finished watching the interview with McCain in the View. Another day of calm in the political scene.

He was not vicious and defensive. He was respectful and was a pro at handling the questions. The questions were straight forward and just asking for the truth, the facts, his real opinions, etc.

By contrast, I have been reading responses to the Palin interview about how hard the questions were.

Have we lost our mind?

Are our expectations that low?

Must we walk on egg shells and not mention the elephant in the room?

As a voter, as an American.... I don't care who is running for our highest office, but I do care to know them. The questions HAVE to be HARD, because when they affect you and me, it affects us HARD!

I mentioned before that neighbors of mine are loosing or have lost their homes, do you think for a moment that when we all rushed out to offer solutions and do research for them we gave a hoot what political party they belonged to?

Let's get real, when we help one another is because we are compelled to perform acts of HUMANITY and political parties do not enter the equation, EVER!

I want someone who is going to fix this mess and Obama says he will reverse this trend and get back to basics, he promises change and we need all the change he can bring about because the way things are, they are just not working for any of us. McCain says he is going to reform Washington, maybe that means the same thing.

The only thing I do know for sure is that whoever gets in has the biggest mess to clean up than any other previous administrations. Even Clinton did not have this big of a mess to clean up.

Recently I have been hearing that Republican are war mongers. Perhaps the fact that during most republican administrations our country has been at war propells this type of talk, but I submit to you that your republican neighbor, friend or family member does not share those ideas because there is nothing in it for them. They do not profit from it, on the contrary, just like your Democrat neighbor, friend or family, they contribute what they love the most: Their Children.

Whoever is pulling the strings are not belonging to any party you belong to, they are part of a very exclusive and corrupt club who are very good at dividing citizens and distracting them from looking too closely at who is pulling the strings, what they are able to get away with, and how much of our resources they walk away with.

I hope we all start paying attention to the "man behind the curtain" and separate the distractions from the real issues.

*My prayers and thoughts to our brothers and sisters in Texas who have bigger problems today than political distractions* is a website with resources for spousal caregivers who could use information and help in their daily lives. *God Bless you all for all you do, in me you have a friend who appreciates you and "gets it"*



  1. I don't think that McCain means the same thing that Obama is talking about in reference to reformation and our country. And I am glad that the questions were hard, the presidency is not for the average Joe.

  2. I watched this show too. Always do. Where I wish I could shut them up from talking over each other, they are generally fair - not impartial, but fair.

    I too want to know my candidate before they have been in office for a few years.

    But we all have to realize that the presidency is little more than a figurehead for the more powerful political "machine".

    I have my doubts that either party has the best interest of the citizenry at heart. Power, money, prestige and position - yes. The little guy - no.

    My brother, who has a minor in political science, said to me...."I would rather vote for a bonafide war hero than a snake oil salesman". I didn't answer him back - didn't want to start something that I couldn't finish.

    The distractions, like the lipstick on the pig, and all the other hits are just so much smokescreen to hide the fact that our country is being sold off to any foreign investor - a war we shouldn't be in - and economy that is making it impossible to live a decent life - health care that looks at the dollar instead of the patient.

    Back in WWII, Hollywood was told what movies to make to get the patrons minds off the war. Feel good movies will not make this country be revived to the status that we enjoyed before.

  3. you are both right. Today is 9/19/2008 and a lot has happened since we started this entry.

    I just paid more attention to someone who is a real journalist, her name is Nomi Klein and the author of the shock doctrine.

    It is downright scary how they want to distract us. What should we really be paying attention to? Where to really look?



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