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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The issues on 9/11

It is with a sigh of relief that I have noticed McCain and Obama talking about issues today. It was refreshing to get a break from negative comments and insults.

It is my opinion that what matters now more than ever is to have people in charge who take their job of Civil Servants seriously and would practice the same kind of fiscal restrain with our hard earned (and given) tax dollars we apply to our own checkbooks.

One of the things that I want in the leader of our country is someone who understands that bulk of the population can't prosper on their own and Government needs to regulate the industries that were deregulated and have gone amock.

These industries we all depend on. The phone company, the electric/gas company, etc. I don't believe in big government, but I do believe in government over seeing fraud and racketeering and putting things in place to avoid having to clean up the mess.

McCain was very likeable and made sense on his interview about public service today. He was rational and even though I do not agree with what he says 100%, I did not feel offended (as I did during the Republican Convention and listening to people spew venom and sarcasm, which I felt was tinged with racist overtones. Again, my opinion).

Obama was clear and very likeable as well. It was refreshing not hear another speech, but a conversation. I do not agree with him 100% of the time either, but I was glad to be able to listen without the majestic production of the Democratic Convention.

My guess is that part of me is eager to see the Presidential Debates and most of me is dying for the campaigning to be over because it has gotten downright nasty and that is a huge distraction from the real issues that affect most of us.

I say most of us, because I have a brother who is a Republican to the core and will never, ever vote Democrat. His biggest issue against the Democrats is that they believe in the right to choose. He is also not voting for McCain because he does not trust him in this issue either because he has been pro-choice in the past and feels his new stand on choice is politically motivated.

I must call him and find out if he will vote for McCain now that his vice presidential pick is aligned with him in that issue.

Which got me to thinking .... we are all not in the same boat. I realize that I am concerned about my daughter's future, their ability to take for granted that with equal work comes equal pay, that they can set their minds to serve their heart's desires and not have a gender road block. That they are in elementary and Middle school and their educational needs are not being served due to overcrowding, teacher shortage and funding.

That he does not have a mortgage, he is retired through a fluke in his company (when things were going well) and after 20 yrs of service retired with a fabulous retirement package and medical that comes in handy since his wife has a chronic illness. That their children graduated from private schools and universities and are doing quite well.

So I guess, my brother and I are not in the same boat. So I wonder if I were paddlin on his side, the one issue would be the deal braker? (not necessarily that one issue, any other issue).

With all that which has befallen us in the past few years, I still make time to volunteer in our school district because they need the teachers need the help and my teaching kids to read and increase their comprehension level is my small contribution towards their future.

A future I hope will be bright and filled with opportunities. Opportunities that are sorely lacking lately.

PEACE to all

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  1. Interesting read. I wonder if you brother likes Mcain's VP, too.


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