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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stock Market Crash & Bail Outs


I hope we all paying attention and not fall into the trap of "the Democrats have had control for 2 yrs and it is all their fault". The fact is that the Dems don't have the full majority and cooperation is necessary to effectuate change in a Congress and Senate riddled by special interest groups.

The fact is that the Republicans have had control for the past 8 yrs.

The fact is that DEREGULATION started ages ago. The telecommunications industry was one of the first and the rest just followed.

Republicans are fond of screaming "no goverment intervention" Until the industries go into a massive crash and then expect the goverment, with YOUR money, to bail them out.

Republicans keep saying they don't want government interfearing into people's private business, but so far, the no one is screaming for them to stop tapping citizens phones and overseeing their emails, plus, the new brand of Republicans want to monitor women's wombs and stablish dominion over them.

Democrats have been spineless in the past and I certainly hope the backbone goes back into the party.

The average registered Democrat and Republican agrees on just about every issue, it is the head hunchos in both parties (and the other parties that won't get their share of power in Washington... at least not on this election cycle) that create division and drama.

If you are a Republican or a Democrat like my neighbors, family and friends, I am pretty darn sure that it has taken all you got on a daily basis to keep your head above water and make ends meet.

I am positive that if your neighbor needs your help, or you need theirs, no one is asking about political afiliations before hand.

I think we need to stop listening to the junk on tv and the hatred on the radio and really take a good look at the state of our union. Yes, yours and mine and those in states across the country that also happen to be dealing with the same daily issues.

Bailing out these greedy hogs really rankles me. Bailing out one airline after another infuriates me. Giving subsidies to the oil companies makes me chew nails and spit them out.


Because my neighbors are talking to an attorney about bankrupcy, because 3 of my other neighbors left their homes in the middle of the night and the bank repo their homes, because the property tax collection has gone significantly down (Duh!) and our schools are doing with even less funding and tending to more children.

Because if someone were to ask me (and no one has) who to bail out, I would say: Everyone that has been scammed by those predatory lenders that had no oversight or regulation. That is what I would prefer tax payer mandatory tax contributions went towards.

I have no simpathy for the head hunchos of these companies, as a matter of fact, I would like for each individual CEO to have all of their assets garnished, including their offshore accounts, and distributed evenly among the "little people" who had their life retirement contributions in TRUST with these companies and under the belief that they were Federally regulated and properly overseen.

I am furious today.

We need to stand up and DEMAND that our government be for the people and by the people.... and then restore all the CONSTITUTION pieces they have shredded over the past 8 years.

It is OUR country, our government are the hired help and they have failed miserably at their jobs.

Would you be fired from yours if you were so irresponsible? Would you be hit with legal disciplinary actions?. I bet you would. Would the legal system force you to make good on your debt? (they are doing it now by taking the homes people could not pay for). Would you suffer for the next 10 yrs with a bad credit rating and a daily reminder that you CAN'T do things or afford things because you are marred for the next decade?. Yeap! you would be, that is the law as it applies to you and me.

Their turn!

And now yours to leave your thoughts.

PEACE and God Help us all while we help each other.

Speaking of helping each other, if you are a spousal caregiver or know someone who is please go here and find some resources to help you or your loved one to manage their challenging lifestyle


  1. I am so mad today that I am spittin' nails. My husband and I worked hard, scrimped and saved. Paid our mortgage off in record time, which took hours and hours of overtime. Then we started putting away for our future.

    My husband became disabled in 1997, but still we saved. No one helped us out. Just like most of you, we did it the old fashion way.

    We lost big time on 9/11, but we didn't weep for the money, we wept for the lost lives.

    In the last week we have lost almost as much as we did on 9/11. This time I am just plain mad. Where is the personal responsibility that we prided ourselves in. The giants that dug this hole will come out smelling like roses and you all know what little people like us will smell like - POOR.

  2. Oh Dear!

    I am so very sorry. I knew it was just a matter of time because we all started suffering the effects of these greedy people and their lack of a.... Soul! really, how souless does someone need to be to not care about who pays for their greed?

    If we don't start exercising our legal rights and demanding more from our elected officials we are going back to the big depression.

    I fear that greatly.

    Hang in there. There is strength in numbers and unfortunately, our numbers are growing by the minute.

    PEACE to you both.

  3. Hi friend,
    I really don't know the reason as to why your earlier comment didn't get show in my blog. May be some technical error, from the blog.
    I would like to thank you for your timely feedback.
    As, for me I have no such interest in active politics, so I have nothing to comment as for now with respect to your posts. But any post's that suits my interest I assure you of my response. I am from Nepal, and seeing how these politician have raped my beautiful country in the past one decade, I have simply washed my hands off from these madness.
    Having said that, I don't mean that I am not interested in Nepal and it's development. I am but not from any political angle. When the time and the need comes and when I am able I will certainly contribute to the development of Nepal and the world. But for doing these things, I do not see the need of going through any politicians...


    P.S: I'll add your link in my post so that other people visitng my blog can be aware of it.

  4. "Because if someone were to ask me (and no one has) who to bail out, I would say: Everyone that has been scammed by those predatory lenders that had no oversight or regulation. That is what I would prefer tax payer mandatory tax contributions went towards."

    Here, bloody, here!

    I don't like governments bailing-out corrupt companies (even the term suggests they don't stop it sinking - just take out some of the water!).

    Thanks for visiting De Factoids (i've just posted a new one if interested).




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