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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today I was listening to Lou Dobbs and I usually have to grind my teeth when he speaks and try to get past my perception that this man is completely inflexible and has only two topics to discuss: The Immigrants (only Mexicans/South Americans) and Border Security (which is tied to the first one).

But he did make a comment today that actually took less than one minute but because it is such a departure from the only topic he discusses, it seemed to resonate.

His Statement was that neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats are talking about the issues that matter, such as the economy, the jobs, the manufacturing, the educational system, the energy crisis, etc.

Then, he went on to his mantra of Hispanics and illegal immigration.

Campbell Brown announced a segment on the Republicans playing the victim because they allowed Obama to use that old phrase: "if you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig".

As you may have heard, they immediately called foul and stated that the comment was directed to their lovely vice-presidential candidate.

So, Campbell Brown is going to get tough from what her little promo stated, However, Lou Dobbs did not wait a second to request that she ask them about illegal immigration, to which she replied: "we have different priorities".

So, do you feel that the conversation that started about our economy has been derailed by complete nonsense?

Do you think that the Mainstream Media is doing a horrible job perpetuating tabloid non-news and not focusing on the issues with research to back up their claims?

Are they afraid? Are their hands tied because they are owned by large corporations with their own agendas?

I think (at least for me) that it is very difficult to find the meat and potatoes of journalistic integrity on the internet and would be wonderful if we could just turn of the television and actually trust a news entitity to tell it like it is.

Based on what you know so far, whom would you vote for if the election was held today?, take our poll on the right handside and let's see what we all think.



  1. Okay...given my mental status...I probably shouldn't even vote. LOL
    But I I'll honestly far I'm not feeling the way the campaign has gone. And that's on either side! I have found problems with both candidates.

    And honestly watching these two parties go at it has become more comical and entertaining. Which is NOT what an election is suppose to be about but it has become better than any reality show.

    And I know die hard democrats will hold to their beliefs and so will republicans...but I'm not the only one frowning upon the campaign and frowning at each of their tactics. I honestly don't know who to vote for. But when the time arrives...I will choose wisely. A lot can happen between now and November.

  2. I love your screen name!

    I agree, die hards will vote automatically no matter what is said.

    I just want the truth from the media, some real journalistic investigations and reporting.

    I used to believe in fairies too! LOL!:)

    Thank you for sharing. Please come back often. I miss you already!


  3. I watched the same show. Of interest to me was the amount of illegal drug that are being funneled into this country through the Mexican borders. Over 4 decades ago, my father told me to watch those borders. Drugs were not even heard of in our area, not even pot. It really gets my gall that we are allowing this to happen. We must protect this country.

    Yes, I do think that the mainstream media is making this a race of tabloid-like comments and she said that he said, that he said - sophmoric situations.

    Nice to have a place to vent.

  4. How about this one?: The Russian Mafia just walked, literally, through the joke that our Canadian Borders are and set up shop in L.A. (easy as pie). They traffic in slavery and drugs and they are ruthless.

    A neighbor of mine has a son who is a police officer in L.A. and off the record, he stated that they are all afraid of them.

    Our borders need to be secured. That is my opinion and for national security purposes. Drugs need to stop flowing into our country and weapons too.

    What I resent is the racism.

    If my kids were starving and I could support them by breaking my back, get insulted, be prejudiced against and overall treated like a second/third class citizen.... I'd leave my pride behind in a nano second and head towards the place that would keep my kids alive.

    Having vented on that getting back to the security issue...

    Why on earth are we allowing private companies (most of them foreign) to do the Port security?

    Does anyone remember the outrage when the curren administration wanted to give the contract to the Saudi family?

    Perfect day to bring this up, since today is the day we lost so many of our neighbors in the Pentagon and Twin Towers bombing.

    We need to clean House (and the Senate)... Just venting.



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