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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Early Voting


I can't urge you enough to vote early if your state offers early voting. Many people have found errors in their voter records, have not been allowed to vote because they had moved, or because they had been purged from the voter records.

Thankfully, they have time to rectify the situation and still have their votes counted. If they had waited until Election Day, they would have obtained a provisional ballot and by most accounts, Provisional Ballots are not counted.


Yes, women are held to a different standard. Period.

It does not matter how intelligent we are, how capable or how resourceful, the first thing people notice is how we look.

It should not be that way, but it is, so let's just accept it, because for all the protesting that goes on, we want to look nice, we do make a pretty package sometimes, and it should be noticed because Darn it! we are beautiful, sexy creatures and we have brains too!

What is hard to reconcile is the wasteful amount of money from tax payers supporting the Republican party to dress this woman AND her family!

When Cindy McCain spends 300K on the outfit (including the jewelery, please, let's be fair, the woman has incredibly expensive rocks...) it is perfectly fine and dandy because she was born and raised into wealth and this is their style of living and IT IS HER MONEY, so you go girl! spend it as you please, you do not owe anyone an explanation or need to apologize for flying throughout Arizona in your own private jet because as you stated "it is the only way to get around Arizona".

Even if I disagree with that last statement, because I have personally DRIVEN all over Arizona and my friends who work and live there do their commutes on a daily basis by CAR, I think that if Cindy McCain likes the pleasure and the comfort of travelling in her own private jet, it is her prerogative.

She owes us nothing.

However, this Sarah Palin and her family are the corporate welfare poster child.

In less than six (6) weeks, the RNC (Republican National Committee) has blown $150,000. See? the problems is that a) The cost of putting as many disgusting, repulsive and vilifying ads in Colorado is actually the same amount but since the RNC has run out of money and McCain is not getting any more contributions, they couldn't.

$150 thousand.... on clothing... for 6 weeks worth of what?

Until people starting talking about it, no one thought one thing about it. Now they say they will donate the clothes to charity.

I, for one, would like to see the trip of these travelling clothes after this woman and her family are done using them. Do you think we are going to see better dressed homeless people? Are we going to be able to pick them off the rack at Savers or Goodwill or the Salvation Army?.

I think not, but as Sarah said: "Perhaps so!"

This welfare Queen is irritated by the fact that people are paying attention, and the reason for this is that her welfare ways come all the way from the time she was Mayor and continued through her long (not!) career as Governor of Alaska.

From inflating her Wassila experience and neglecting to state that she had left a town with a surplus into practical bankruptcy, to building a sports complex that was not needed, to claiming that her husband... "Toooood!!!" had built their Alaska mansion with his bear hands and that of a couple of friends (he did not, the same people who built the Sports Complex built their home ... for "free"?)... Humm! I wonder how much the Sports Complex cost was padded to include the building of their luxury home?

How about charging the tax payers of Alaska $17,000 dollars to commute from work to HOME (you know, the home her hubby built with his own hands)?

More corporate welfare:

$20,000 to fly her daughters to events which they were not invited.

Over $40,000 to fly family members on vacations and family outings.

$10,000 to "help" defray the heating cost of her home last year.

This year, residents of Alaska (every man, woman and child) will receive $1,200 MORE each from the Oil Company's surplus tax Mrs. Palin signed off on. Let's see.... 5 kids, mom and dad.... humm... this year they get an additional $8,400! So, we add the previous $10,000 (which they still get) and we all know how to add... so....$18,400 straight to this family.

*I wonder how long I'd have to live in Alaska to qualify as a "resident"?... maybe if I just had a P.O. box at the post office..... *

You can read in greater detail right here.

Halloween is a-coming and I am suitably scared...

What I find scary beyond words is that this woman has ditched McCain as her running mate and is now running solo and vying for her political career, which includes a Presidential run in 2012.

Her little girl standing in front of a rally and being prompted to take the microphone and say: "vote for my mom". As if Sarah was running on her own. (Well, she is)

They say the rats are the first ones to jump ship and this is no exception. Her handlers are calling her a Diva that trusts no one and only believes in herself and what she wants to do. The proof is that they know she is not ready to go on her own and she is damaging McCain's campaign (which apparently she forgets, he is the one we would be voting for, not her).


Sarah Palin can't wait to lable Obama as a terrorist every chance she gets, but when it comes to herself, she clearly states that she will not be labeled as a "feminist" or anything else because, well, labels are just not right.

When asked if she would label as "Domestic Terrorist" abortion clinic Bombers, she could not bring herself to do so and McCain had to jump in and clarify it and get her out of that deep hole she kept digging herself into. He failed miserably.

You see, calling some parts of America as the "real America" and labeling others as "Anti-America" is just fine, but when it comes to herself, she has standards.... Double Standards!.

If you have the ability to follow her diatribe and watch McCain's body language and facial expressions at the same time, please take a look at this interview with Brian Williams. If it wasn't because these two feel entitled to the most powerful office in the land, this piece would be very funny. Instead, it is downright frightening!


Yeah... yeah, that's right... let the money go directly to the banks with the "intent" that they would renegotiate with the homeowners.

Let's see... this Congress has decided that the HONOR system with thieves and crooks, oportunistic, souless bastards is a good idea. How wrong can they be?. Well, plenty wrong, to use very poor Grammar....

They have decided that all this "free" tax payer money would go a long way on creating their own private Monopoly and start buying all the other weaker banks. And just like in Monopoly, it is nothing but paper so it does not hurt anyone, right?

Read about it in greater detail, right here.

Are we sutitably frightened yet? C'mon folks, get into the spirit of things and start screaming in fear because we are totally screwed.

More on political thoughts at a later time. If you know someone who is a spousal caregiver please direct them to for useful resources and help.

Thank you for following my blog.

Wishing you PEACE

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