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Sunday, October 19, 2008


If there are any problems with your registration or at the voting place, you will still have time to straighten things out before the last day you are allowed to vote.

Make your vote count and your voice heard regardless of party affiliation, as Americans, this is just not a right we all share but an obligation that requires very little of our time and keeps us involved in our communities.

The Presidential election is important, espcially at a time where we find outselves at a crossroads in the financial arena, but just as important are the other changes that every community is requesting in terms of taxes and road improvements and school financing.

There are many things in each of our ballots that have an almost immediate impact in (Y)our community and are just as deserving of attention.

I voted early, yesterday as a matter of fact, and the place was packed! ~ I expect that Election Day is going to be a mad house for those who wait until the last minute or are still undecided and won't know who to vote for until the very last minute.

Which brings me to another thought: Are these people living under a rock? Are they truly as unimformed as the media has portrayed them to be?

I know that the official title is "low information voter", I guess my question is, "are they low information on purpose?"

And if so, do these people even bother to vote?

I heard from somone who has some very strong opinions, cemented in his brain by years of missinformation and adopted from his elders decades ago.

After listening to all the things he did not know and the major lack of current information he had, I learned that he is not even registered to vote in this election and has not voted in an election in over 10 years. His wife is registered and voted for Bush twice. She will vote Republican again, because that is what she is supposed to do.

These people are victims of the predatory lending practices that has plagued our Nation and will be loosing their homes shortly. The company he works for will be scaling down before Christma and his job will be gone. He will join the ranks of the unemployed.

However, he still talked trash about all politics and is not going to vote. I guess the real question is: "why did I have to listen to him?" ~ Truly, that is an hour of my life, I'll never get back. Maybe if I think about it long and hard, I may find a valuable lesson in this, at this time, I am not confident about the results.

Hope you vote early and vote your best interests, whatever they may be.


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