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Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing Hardball with a broken bat (or brain)

I feel sorry for Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. I really do.

She is either a pathological liar or this woman has some mental health issues that are not under control.

She flat out told Chris Matthews of "Hardball" that Barrack Obama is anti-American and kept goading the media to re-direct their efforts and energy into an investigation of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate to uncover their anti-American sentiments/allegiances.

Are you F***ing kidding me? SHE IS a Congresswoman! is she thinking that she is palling around with terrorist when she shows up to work? (because frankly, I don't know when she has the time since she spends most of her time on CNN talking over everyone and interrupting at will.... except when she has that scary frozen smile and spooky eyes starring right into the camera). Seriously, the kids have walked into the room and looked at the t.v. and asked "what is wrong with her, mom?"

It is mind boggling that Michelle Bachmann would see anti-American people everywhere except to the far right. Including the Senate and House members as part of this group of .... what? People who live in America, are Americans, and don't hesitate to discuss the elephant in the room?

I got news for this nut job.... THAT IS THE AMERICAN THING TO DO!!!! You frikking moron!

Not all of us are mindless sheep meandering aimlessly towards the slaughter house. Some of us are actually willing to yell "Look Out!!!" to those around us in the hope of avoiding further carnage.

Watch the clip here

And then wonder how stable this woman is when she shows up in local t.v. stations in Minnesota (where she needs the votes to get re-elected) and denies having said what you just saw and claims it was misconstrued.... WTF?

Your lying eyes are deceiving your lying ears and she is telling you this right here:


Have we not had enough mental defectives, amoral people and thieves in charge? Do we need more?

If so, let's get another 4 yrs of this and add Sarah Palin to the next 4 as the President of the United States *shiver*

It is scary to think that the lowest denominator has been riled up to vote and feel patriotic by attacking another party on the basis of race and name calling and flat out lies, such as being a terrorist, too black, not black enough, fear mongering, and are about as informed as full context of a bumper sticker.

That alone, that those types of uninformed people, who scorn those who have worked hard to obtain an education and are the ones who chose the current administration and now are being riled up to chose the next one.

Scary stuff man! Halloween is a-coming by way of an election.


JOE THE PLUMBER = An ignoramus who loved being a celebrity and has given more free willing interviews than Sarah Palin..... Also a man who on camera was explained the full context of both tax plans and admitted that under Obama's plan he would be better off.... Also... a man whose aunt called a talk show and stated that "he is a good boy, he just got caught up on all the attention and being a celebrity..." When asked if her nephew was a well informed voter she responded: "No, he is not.. not very bright, but he is a good boy"

ELITIST = Those born with a silver spoon and don't understand how to live on $2,000 a month. Let alone think that people live on that and a lot less since one of their wives outfits cost over $300,000 and it is to be worn only once....

*I was going to link articles to the outfit/jewelery combined costs and the fact that Michelle Obama buys her clothes the same way we do... Off the rack!, but unfortunately, there were other people's posts included with the articles and they were incredibly nasty about Cindy (regarding her Botox, plastic surgeries, etc) and I just wanted to highlight the disconnect in lifestyle, not criticize or put them down for being wealthy*


Yes! we are a Nation of whiners! as aptly described by McCain's Chief Financial Advisor who has made it to CNN's list of crooks that caused this financial debacle in Wall Street (Senator Gramm) and you can see the partial list here.

Perfect example? McCain, who was born to a sailor (Admiral) and lived in Plushness all his life. (except when he was captured by those he was bombing and spend time in their company)

Was a serial cheater. Married his mistress who has more money than God and more houses than a real state agent.

SOCIALIST = A new word thrown around to depict Obama by McCain who has had Socialized Medicine all of his life (remember daddy, the Admiral?) as a dependent he had medical from the military (paid by you), as a lousy pilot, he has free room and board and that pesky socialized medicine. As a Senator... well, you get the idea, you have paid for his health care all of his life and ... well, he is old, and that is a very long time.... Hey, guess what?

TERRORIST = Only in this country would anyone be so incredibly stupid to believe that a US SENATOR is a terrorist. Under the current administration, the Patriot Act would have assured him a room in Guantanamo Bay.

A woman shouted to Obama in a diner that he was a COMMUNIST! (stupid, ignorant and poorly informed racist bitch!)... I wanted to be kinder, but it is impossible for me to do so at this point in time, when there are so many stupid and ignorant people making the news on a daily basis.

Perhaps a better definition of TERRORIST could be the Todd Palin's separatist group called the Alaska Independence Party (AIP) at which Caribou Barbie gave the key note speech and told them "you are guys are doing great!". Very reminiscent of "Browny you are doing a great job!" (Bush to Brown during Katrina). Sleeping with the enemy is apparently okay if you are on the side of God.

Here is an excerpt from the full article in the Los Angeles Times:

Over the years, Palin has actively courted the Alaska Independence Party,
or AIP, an organization that supports Alaskan secession from the U.S. To be
clear, we're not necessarily talking about friendly secession either: As the
AIP's founder, Joe Vogler, told an interviewer in 1991: "The fires of hell are
frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government. ... And I
won't be buried under their damn flag."

LAPEL PIN = A symbol to show the world your patriotism or any other lapel pin to show your affiliations to Religion or party.

The proper way to wear a pin: Criticize those who don't wear one (perhaps because they are made in China and not the USA) and don't mention the one with the polar bear on your right side (which is the symbol of the Alaska Independence Party) and you wear to almost every event.

Click on the highlighted words to not only view their logo (worn on Mrs. Palin's lapel) but also their by-laws. Should you wish to be better informed about who these people really are.

SOCIAL SECURITY = The benefits your gramma & grampa contributed to so they would not have to eat dog food made in China in their last years of their life and what McCain wants to privatize and cut in half.... and yet...

.... McCain has been collecting social security checks for years (do you really think that if he was so against it, he would just return it to the treasury?, no can do... he is entitled to all these government programs even though he has more money than God!)

MEDICARE = Horror of Horrors.... A government run health care insurance that you contribute for and towards your old age, you know, when you just can't physically do what you do anymore and feel lousy most of the time...

....yes! he wants that gone too because HIS tax payer sponsored medical will never go away (even though, he could pay for it out of pocket easily. Neither him nor his wife will run out of money before they die)

Let's talk about the child that receives medicare because he/she has "special needs" ... you know... like the last kid born to Sarah Palin, except that he/she will and has been born to people who are busting their humps to provide the basic needs in life while fearing for their jobs and holding on to what little they have so their kids don't do without.

However, McCain will cut well over a trillion dollars from Medicare to give directly to the insurance companies and you can read about it in this New York Times article

Apparently, this man really knows nothing about what is like to walk in your $20.00 shoes.

ELITIST (part 2) = Anyone who works his/her ass off from poverty and middle class to achieve their educational goals while working 2 jobs and taking out student loans and surviving on Ramen noodles. God Damn the Middle Class! who the hell do they think they are? Don't they know their place? How dare they be educated?

This is the problem with America and these pesky Americans who refuse to stay down and let La Creme de la creme keep rising to the top on their backs without complain and dare to move up in the world through hard work and perseverance.

Stupid Elitist Middle Class people! How dare they?

We all know that those who produce nothing are the ones entitled to live high off the hog (think Wall Street, please)

This has got to be the only country were educated people are looked down on and made fun of... Everywhere else in the world an educated population is highly prized, even in 3rd world countries..... Go figure!

PEACE to all

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