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Monday, October 27, 2008


This symbol of PEACE created by: Katharine Hamnett
A wonderful video that a friend shared with me and now I have the pleasure of sharing with you.

Hope you enjoy it and after today's news of a horrific plot to decapitate African-Americans with the chosen site of a high school and move up the ladder to murder Barrack Obama, I think we can all join in with these ladies and say "Knock it off, we demand JUSTICE & PEACE".

So I leave you for now with my most fervent wish: PEACE to all.


I am back to post the following about what happened regarding the death plot against Senator Obama.

Skin heads had plotter to murder him after murdering 88 African Americans from a predominantly black high school. 14 of those were to be beheaded. The last one would be Barrack Obama, whom they were going to drive into with a car while shooting at him.

It is all pretty gruesome and downright frightening.

However, I have learned something about these metally deficient morons. The number 8 and 14 are meaningful to them based on their distorted ideology that combines Hitler with their concept of protecting their white children from being contaminated by non-whites.

Two 8's represent Heil Hitler and I have to stop talking about these animals because it is making me nauseous, but if you care to read a complete explanation, you can read more about it here.
McCain tied to racists groups and Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska telling the Separatists Group that they are "Doing a great job".
Here is video of Paul Begala who has researched McCain extensively and written a book about him.

That is enough for today. PEACE.

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