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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Medicare, Racial Hatred, Voter Caging

Today I was going to speak about the economy, but unfortunately, more recent events is going to have me add things that I am ashamed of, disgusted by, and frankly, in absolute horror.

I will tell you this,

If your spouse is in dire need of medical attention because they are disabled, voting for McCain is going to make your life and that of your spouse a living nightmare.

McCain wants to private social security and no doubt, that since he knows next to nothing about the economy, he will defer to those he perceives as his friends and far more knowledgeable, like the crowd at Wall Street.

He made the statement that he wants to cut social security benefits in half.

Imagine those barely surviving on their current benefits attempting to survive on half. Just give it a moment of respect before you move on.

He wants to cut Medicare by 1.1 TRILLION dollars.

If you thought that it was difficult for your spouse to get the treatment and medication (s)he needs now, imagine without the funding.

Don't take my word for it, you can read it here

I am sick to my stomach.

Palin has accused repeatedly Obama of being in league with a domestic terrorist. A man that if he was just that, would be in prison now, but instead is a pillar of the community and has done tremendous work in educating and funding school programs in Chicago.

Obama was 8 years old when this man reacted violently and loudly against the VIETNAM war.

She keeps inciting hatred and fear to the point that someone in the audience came up with the brilliant idea of shouting "KILL HIM" about Obama.

A normal human being would have been horrified to hear something like that about her statements to a crowd and would have tried to diffuse the situation. She did not. She kept on going.

Read about it here:

Hatred in the white crowd towards an African American who was the sound person for her rally:

Hatred agains jews because her church tells her all she needs to know about people:

Replace all Jewish bankers with Christian Bankers. Jews are worthy of your hatred, here, read all about it:

For anyone filled with fear and hatred, common sense and the real issues will not trump their sense of reality, their prejudices and their racial hatred.

ommon sense, reason and things that really matter will never matter to someone like that. Racism will trump and color everything they do in their life.

A man was hunted down like an animal after he left a store because he was wearing an Obama T-Shirt.

The story and picture is here.

If you are white, this is enough to embarrass you into distancing yourself from these ignorant bastards.

Fear mongering and hatred do not belong in my life or in my heart. I know what's in my heart and I am voting not just for Obama but against the hatred and ignorance that has found such a cozy home with Palin and McCain.



Ohio voter caging. read what happened here:

You need to read this and see if you are still in the roasters and able to vote. Here is the dirty download on Colorado:

Provisional ballots are wothless and apparently, so are absentee ballots. Voting early is recommended so your vote is counted.

Waiting until election day could find you unable to vote.

Good luck to us all.


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